Monday, September 21, 2015

Recovering a "neglected doctrine" through a godly "neglected man" (1 Corinthians 11)

I didn’t write the book to make a name for myself or to further my own purposes, but to teach on a neglected doctrine that I saw many ridiculing and dismissing too quickly. Since I wrote the book for God’s glory, if He didn’t want me to release it, I wouldn’t.
                                 -from  Jeremy's Journey, How the Headcovering Movement came to be 
                                (*Jeremy Gardiner is a founder of Head Covering Movement)

In this short but sincere confession, I saw brother Jeremy's pure motivation,,,and his God-given vision. I realized that this vision captured him, drove him and placed him to the cross. I realized that God wants to recover "a neglected doctrine" through a man who can endure to remain as "a neglected man". As many ridiculing and dismissing this doctrine too quickly, so is the man who teach this doctrine destined to be treated alike.

Last week, I wrote a biography of William Tyndale in Japanese.

He was also a man who was captured by His vision. Godly vision is totally different from self-fulfillment-type of human ambition. It is costly. It demands man's everything. It drives him to the lonely, neglected path.

We usually find that the prophets arose as a reaction from God to the course and drift of things amongst His people; a call back, a re-declaration, a re-pronouncement of God's mind, a bringing into clear view again of the thoughts of God. The prophets stood in the midst of the stream - usually a fast-rushing stream - like a rock; the course of things broke over them. They challenged and resisted that course, and their presence in the midst of the stream represented God's mind as against the prevailing course of things.
                             -Austin-Sparks, Prophetic Ministry

Often times, the visionary man has to suffer in the Slough of Despond, sinking and struggling in the total dark. But the help comes. Surely comes.

Here we come to the most important point of the whole. It is the absolute identity of the vessel with the vessel's ministry. Prophetic ministry is not something that you can take up. It is something that you are.,,The vessel itself is the ministry and you cannot divide between the two.

..God is not allowing us to take up things and subjects. If we are under the Holy Ghost, He is going to make us prophets; that is, He is going to make the prophecy a thing that has taken place in us, so that what we say is only making vocal something that has been going on, that has been done in us. God has been doing it through years in strange, deep, terrible ways in some lives, standing at nothing, touching everything; and the vessel, thus wrought upon, is the message. People do not come to hear what you have to teach. They have come to see what you are, to see that thing which has been wrought by God. What a price the prophetic instrument has to pay!
                                                                                           -Prophetic Ministry

Dear headcovering sisters in all over the world, shall we offer prayer for our leaders today? Let us unite in Spirit and ask Him to inflame His vision in their hearts and strengthen them to endure unpopularity, neglect, human desertion and loneliness for His glory? Let us write an encouraging words to our leaders this very day and make them happy. In Jesus' name. Amen.

*If you'd like to write a note of encouragement to brother Jeremy Gardiner, please click here.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

To my dear headcovering sister who has been hurt



Dear my sister,

Ever since that incident occurred, we never cease praying for you. It was so ironic that that person chose you-, one of our most humble and tender sisters, as his target. This person should have known that the headcovering sisters are those who accept headship and male leadership, so if he had something against us, he should have written to our male leader directly instead of attacking individual sisters by name.

I was impressed to see how you've dealt with the issues with complete humbleness and Christ-like brokenness. I've seen that evilness cannot play its mean role on God-fearing person's life, as we see Joseph, who said to his brothers.

But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.  Gen 50:20

My dearest friend, I was thinking about our "ship" this morning. A ship called complementarianism. Being a complementarian in the 21st century means, I believe, we venture to live in this wolf-infested world with naked-vulnerability and brokenness. Sometimes, I receive hurtful comments from those who are opposing our way of thinking about creation order and headship.

We, however, don't rely on humanistic arguments nor feminist ideology who portrait themselves as "other" or "victims". We don't claim it even under some circumstances when we have "right" reasons to do so. With all of our weaknesses and pains, we cherish our cross and put it in the center of our hearts. This might be a fragile, risky way, but nonetheless the most assured way. And I believe that only through this narrow gate can we receive life, healing and true recovery in Christ Jesus.

We love you, my dear sister in Christ. You are our hope, joy and crown of rejoicing (1 Th 2:19).

With love and sisterly affection,

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Words of Repentance

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another,
that ye may be healed.  James 5:16 a

My beloved fellow covering sisters,

Today, I am writing this letter to you in order to confess my sin. Some time ago, I happened to read the following remarks on HCM comment section;

"What is regrettable to me is that you, and certainly many of the folks that make comments here on your site, characterize the majority of the Christians who do not see the need for a fabric covering as being either ignorant of the Scriptures or willfully disobedient to them. They, and frankly you, hold themselves up as shining examples to the world as the rare Christians who actually take God and His Word seriously while the majority of all the other Christians in the world do not."

Oh, my dear sisters, this comment pierced my heart to the core. True, this person did not write to me directly but it was as if he was warning me personally. Yes, the Lord warned me through His vessel tonight. Though I did not realize it, it seems like the spiritual arrogance has crept into my heart regarding my stance on Christian headcovering. And like this brother said, I might have thought that I am (and we are) the "shining examples to the world as the rare Christians who actually take God and His Word seriously." So, I replied to this brother and said;

"I want to say thank you for your words.I believe that the Lord spoke to me and warned me through your words today. That's because I found this spiritual arrogance and pride which you mentioned, right in my heart. And I believe that by His providence, you asked me the above question so I came back to this comment section and read your words. May God forgive my arrogance and make me a humble servant. Once again, I appreciate your wise counsel. God bless you, brother.  from Kinuko"

I'd just wanted to share this with you because I consider you as the only one who can really understand my struggles. Being head covering sister in this modern world, I think we have to fight two big enemies constantly; 1) timidity/fear and 2) spiritual arrogance and elitism.
Oh dear Lord, how difficult it is to tread Thy path with humbleness and boldness at the same time! I confess to you that I am both timid and arrogant. Cleanse me with Thy precious blood and wipe my sin. At the same time, Lord, words are not enough to express to You how much I am grateful for the very presence of my headcovering sisters. In many cases, I feel I don't even need a word to explain to them what is happening in my heart because we have trodden this journey together. We have toiled and share joys and struggles together. And it is You who have united us with such tender love. Please bless my sisters who are scattering around the world. Keep them in Your arms and fill their hearts with Your joy. In Jesus' name. Amen.